Since graduating in 1986 with a BA in ceramics I have been a practicing artist, and although my work methods and materials have changed dramatically over these years, my inspiration has virtually remand the same.
Predominately (but not only) a metal sculptor, I create a diverse body of work, which explores the relationship of space, form and scale. Influenced by nature, marine life, organic forms and the human body, I have been exploring seedpod forms for some years, and find that observing nature is a never-ending resource for designs.

Besides my commercial range of water features and garden stakes that I distribute around Australia, I produce a variety of Private and Public works.

In contrast to my commercial range, the other major part of my practice consists of working closely with architects, landscape designers and personal clients to produce one off, sculptural, and functional pieces.

These site-specific works requires consultation and negotiation with a number of people from councils, builders and engineers for the larger pieces, to business and homeowners for smaller works.

Brainstorming with metropolitan and interstate clients, is a balance. I find necessary for contact, motivation and stimulation.

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