Possum Gully Fine Arts November 2020

Possum Gully Gallery is now open for visitors. New works are still being received and you may have noticed a brief online campaign to increase the awareness of our Gallery - https://www.facebook.com/PGFACentralGoldfields .

It is recommended that you give Trish a ring to ensure that we can manage numbers by ringing 5461175 or alternatively email patricia@possumgullyfinearts.com.au with the day and time you intend to visit.
The garden has been beautiful over the last few months. Flowers have been in bloom introducing colour everywhere along the pathways. I'm looking forward to see the Gallery no longer deserted and will be  looking forward to greeting visitors.






Possum Gully Fine arts Gallery,
428 Possum Gully Road,
Adelaide Lead 3465

PHONE: 03 5461 1775

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