CoronaVirus Update May 2020

Although the Gallery is closed, our artists have been busy. The Australian art sector has been hit hard by the lock-down, but with time to reflect, get inspired and create, some noted regulars have shared some beautiful works with me.

For something a bit different, check out Dean Bowen documentary that covers the last eighteen months of his art works and was produced by filmmaker, Peter Lamont of Handmade films. 

Images of birds seem to be a common theme in works being produced;

Gang Gang by Lyn Cooke

Some of Vida Pearson's latest work is pictured below. She tells me she has some Yellow Tailed Cockatoos on the go as well - but another couple of weeks before it's finished.

Blue Faced Honeyeaters
Image size: H 27cm x W 30cm

​Blue Wren
Image size : H 15cm x W 13cm

Jewels of the Delta
Image size: H 25cm x W 20cm


Work by Vija Harris

Although the Galley and gardens look sadly deserted in the current environment, my attention has turned .to painting still life and landscapes in oils;


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