2017 Spring Exhibition Introducing Wes Lancaster


Much of my work is a visual reaction to the light and colour of the land scape particularly around the local areas of Castlemaine and Harcourt. Pastels, inks, acrylic and collage are the materials I use to express visual images and concepts derived from sketching and drawing.

I also design and work in concrete and ceramic sculpture using figure themes.
Recent work has been in acrylics on paper. These works reflect a variety of ideas related to my immediate environment and also an imaginative reaction to new approaches and the influences of the past. 

In this year’s exhibition at Possum Gully Gallery, my work reflects the major themes that are the history of the Amherst Hospital 1868 to 1933. 



Introducing Kokedama and Kerrie Jenning
Definition: koke (moss) dama (ball)
Kokedama is a form of Japanese bonsai combining the bonsai styles pf Nearai (free roots) and Kusamono (herbaceous plants)  It is an indoor or outdoor plant wrapped in a moss ball. Water when the ball feels light (dry), soak overnight in a bucket of room temperature water.  Occasionally add small amount of liquid fertiliser.

My name is Kerrie Jennings and I have had great joy in creating kokedamas for the past 2 years.  I am very excited to be displaying my kokedamas at The Possum Gully Gallery Nov 4th – 7th and each weekend until Dec 3rd.

I am also pleased to announce that I will be opening a small specialised nursery in the gardens of Possum Gully Gallery specialising in Bonsai; kokedamas and rare/unusual plants. The nursery will be open weekends in conjunction with the gallery opening times.  

I have extensive experience as a qualified horticulturalist over the past 30 years, working and managing nurseries to running my own gardening business.
Follow my little nursery on Facebook (Adelaide Lead Plant Sales) 

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