2017 Spring Exhibition Introduction Dean Bowen and our new nursery



You are invited to an exhibition of landscape and painting by seven artists, each with a different approach to the subject matter.

Sculpture in different forms and materials will also be exhibited in the garden.

Enjoy Amhurst and Dalwhinnie wines, food and music by the Maryborough Big Band.

The exhibition will open on Saturday 4th of november at 11am and will remain open during Melbourne Cup weekend until Tuesday 7th November and each weekend from 11am to 5pm until December 3rd.


Home with Smoking Chimneys 2017
Oil on Board 30 X 30

In recent years Dean has been working on a number of themes and series such as the Urban Landscape, Home and observations and memories of both City and Country Life. The paintings in these themes have on occasion evolved into landscapes depicting vast horizons, often singular houses and the wondrous night sky of stars, the moon and falling comets.

"I paint the house as a kind of symbol of both our own homes, our communities and our towns and cities. The constant redevelopment of modern Australia with the demolition of the old and the construction of the new is something that both intrigues and worries us as we watch our evolving domestic landscape both rise and fall."

Since coming to Melbourne from country Victoria almost 30 years ago to study art at RMIT, Bowen, 47, has progressively rendered his quirky impressions in an ever-increasing range of media and techniques.

"I'm an artist and artists make art," he says, and make it he does. "Prints become sculptures become paintings; paintings become sculptures and may end up prints. There are so many possibilities. I rework one to create another. Each medium evolves out of the other." Bowen's art, despite its highly technical execution, is often humorous.


Introducing Kokedama and Kerrie Jenning
Definition: koke (moss) dama (ball)
Kokedama is a form of Japanese bonsai combining the bonsai styles pf Nearai (free roots) and Kusamono (herbaceous plants)  It is an indoor or outdoor plant wrapped in a moss ball. Water when the ball feels light (dry), soak overnight in a bucket of room temperature water.  Occasionally add small amount of liquid fertiliser.

My name is Kerrie Jennings and I have had great joy in creating kokedamas for the past 2 years.  I am very excited to be displaying my kokedamas at The Possum Gully Gallery Nov 4th – 7th and each weekend until Dec 3rd.

I am also pleased to announce that I will be opening a small specialised nursery in the gardens of Possum Gully Gallery specialising in Bonsai; kokedamas and rare/unusual plants. The nursery will be open weekends in conjunction with the gallery opening times.  

I have extensive experience as a qualified horticulturalist over the past 30 years, working and managing nurseries to running my own gardening business.
Follow my little nursery on Facebook (Adelaide Lead Plant Sales) 

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